The patterns reflect light beautifully. We have selected natural patterns like rust, stone, zink flakes, broken ice, flower and fiber. We made the patterns in a way that they look unique, non-repetitive on walls. Therefore aluminium Panelox panels are suitable for cladding interior walls as well. They are tough, scratch resistant and non combustible (no […]


Another interior application for Panelox is cladding on columns. The patterns give an extra elegant touch, especially if the columns are round. On these round surfaces the patterns are more visible because of the reflective properties of the anodized layers. As mentioned, the anodizing makes the surface suitable for indoor and outdoor column applications. The […]


Panelox panels are very suitable for use in bathrooms. Your shower cabin will look unique, stylish and beautiful if a Panelox panel is installed. You can use natural patterns like rust of zink flakes in different colour combinations. The aluminium anodized panel is water and heat resistant and easy to clean. No more dirt between […]


Splash panels for kitchens are often made with tiles. But why not use an aluminium panel? Aluminium anodized Panelox panels are suitable for wet environments but also easy to clean! No more dirty joints between tiles, because you can make order a Panlox panel 1500 x 3000 mm. The beautiful patterns reflect light elegantly and […]

Villa Zwitserland

Deze villa in Zwitserland is voorzien van een geheel met PANELOX techniek uitgevoerde facade. De composiet panels, in totaal ruim 700m2, zijn voorzien van ons Zinc-patroon en uitgevoerd in de kleurcombinatie AluBronze01-AluBronze01.